What makes the Bilge Licker stand out over other competitors?

It is human nature to not want to clean the bilge manually, so it is often left in bad condition. Absorbent pads have been the most popular for some time, however these very messy things end up in the land fill, and require manual operation; using disposable products is — in a way — moving the oil contamination problem from one location to another, which is unacceptable in our eyes. Pumper trucks work to some extent, but they take a “sledge-hammer” approach, sucking up the water and most of the oil, resulting in inefficient oil transport and disposal.

Unfortunately in most cases oil is discharged with the bilge water before any preventative measures can be taken. The Bilge Licker is designed to step in and provide an automated solution which will immediately cleanse a great majority of the oil contamination, but more importantly: it will work as a constant preventative measure over the long term.