Service & Support Questions

How do I obtain servicing or replacement of a defective unit?

At H.M.I. Bilge Licker we take special care with all of our customers by making it our duty to periodically check in to make certain that our products are performing in the way that they should. To request warranty servicing we recommend entering the serial number of the problem Bilge Licker into our Support Section, which will not only connect you with the dealer on file, but appraise you of your unit’s warranty status.

Where can I find my product serial number?

All Bilge Licker products come with an affixed serial number sticker on the body of the unit. The documentation provided with the Bilge Licker unit will also contain a card with the serial number. Please note that accessories such as the Bilge Licker Pump are linked to the serial number and warranty of the unit it is provided with.

What kind of Warranty / Guarantee do you provide?

All Bilge Licker products come with a 3 Year Warranty covering parts and labor, and we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. (An offer we’re proud to say we haven’t had to honor as of yet!)