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Oil Transfer Pump

Automated Oil Storage

To complete our automated system of oily water separation & collection we provide this Oil Transfer Pump, allowing for remote oil storage. Due to the immense oil collection rate of our standard Bilge Licker model, this pump is in some cases a necessity. Our Oil Transfer Pump will allow for continuous automated oil collection.

Our pumps are designed to operate in tandem with the Bilge Licker they’re provided with, only switching on while the Bilge Licker is on and collecting oil, as determined by the digital timer.

Connecting our Oil Transfer Pumps to a Bilge Licker is a simple matter, as all standard Bilge Lickers come equipped with a dedicated power port, specifically designed for these pumps.


  • Dimensions: 6″(H) x 6″(W) x 18″(L)
  • Aluminum & Brass Construction
  • Operates on 110v AC
  • Switches on and off with Bilge Licker timer
  • Compatible only with the standard Bilge Licker

Warranty & Service

The Oil Transfer Pump is not provided with a Serial Number, the Warranty provided with a Bilge Licker extends to cover the Oil Pump as well. Please see the standard Bilge Licker product page for more information.