Frequently Asked Questions


What can the Bilge Licker do for me?

We designed the Bilge Licker with the goal to give our customers an automated solution to bilge oil collection and storage, in an effort to combat this laborious issue. The bilge water of commercial vessels will have between 20 and 30 gallons of oil contamination, or more, with solutions that involve draining the bilge water and washing out the oil by hand — or worse: adding more contaminants to the bilge water to amulsify the oil.

The Bilge Licker system will automatically maintain an oil free bilge, while at the same time saving costs in consumables like absorbant pads and filters, not to mention labor. Commercial users have found it can pay for itself in one year.

What kind of Warranty / Guarantee do you provide?

All Bilge Licker products come with a 3 Year Warranty covering parts and labor, and we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. (An offer we’re proud to say we haven’t had to honor as of yet!)

How difficult is the installation process?

Not difficult at all. However, because each application (bilge) is different a custom mounting bracket will need to be made. Once mounted all our customers need to do is to plug the Bilge Licker into their 12 or 110 volt power source.

Where can I find my product serial number?

All Bilge Licker products come with an affixed serial number sticker on the body of the unit. The documentation provided with the Bilge Licker unit will also contain a card with the serial number. Please note that accessories such as the Bilge Licker Pump are linked to the serial number and warranty of the unit it is provided with.

How do I obtain servicing or replacement of a defective unit?

At H.M.I. Bilge Licker we take special care with all of our customers by making it our duty to periodically check in to make certain that our products are performing in the way that they should. To request warranty servicing we recommend entering the serial number of the problem Bilge Licker into our Support Section, which will not only connect you with the dealer on file, but appraise you of your unit’s warranty status.

What makes the Bilge Licker stand out over other competitors?

It is human nature to not want to clean the bilge manually, so it is often left in bad condition. Absorbent pads have been the most popular for some time, however these very messy things end up in the land fill, and require manual operation; using disposable products is — in a way — moving the oil contamination problem from one location to another, which is unacceptable in our eyes. Pumper trucks work to some extent, but they take a “sledge-hammer” approach, sucking up the water and most of the oil, resulting in inefficient oil transport and disposal.

Unfortunately in most cases oil is discharged with the bilge water before any preventative measures can be taken. The Bilge Licker is designed to step in and provide an automated solution which will immediately cleanse a great majority of the oil contamination, but more importantly: it will work as a constant preventative measure over the long term.

Does the Bilge Licker pick up oil mixed with antifreeze?

Yep! The Bilge Licker and Bilge Licker Mini are both unaffected by oil mixed with antifreeze.

Can emulsified oil be collected by the Bilge Licker?

Unfortunately the answer is no. Emulsified oil becomes too thin to be carried out of the bilge water by our products. The intended purpose of our Bilge Licker product line is to collect as much as the oil as possible, intact, for immediate recycling. Emulsifying the oil goes against our core philosophy, as well as our product design.