Customer Feedback

The unit is working like a hot damn!

Its pulled about 4 pails of oil out and I have had to turn it off now because its just dirty water in the bilge. We couldn’t be more happy with the unit. Thank you!

Installation was simple and easy to do.

Prior to installing the Bilge Licker I had a pretty thick sheen of oil in my bilge. After installation, I turned it on and within an hour and a half the sheen was gone and I could see the bottom of the bilge. It has maintained the bilge since. Excellent product and service, it was good to do business with you.

This small yet efficient machine works incredibly well and is surprisingly simple.

I had the pleasure of testing his prototype of the Bilge Licker which is an oil / water separator. It is designed to pick up spilled oil in boats but could be adapted for any other oil or petroleum based spill.

We used to have to get a Haz-Mat suck truck twice a year at a cost of $1000.00 per offload.

We purchased a Bilge Licker over a year ago now and since then we have not needed to use the services of the suck truck. I was amazed at how well the Bilge Licker worked in removing nearly all the oil in the bilges. (more…)