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Bilge Licker Mini

Our Answer to Confined Spaces.

Having created a powerful industrial solution in our first Bilge Licker, we were then faced with having to provide a bilge oil collector for privately owned vessels and pleasure craft, with less room to work in and smaller amounts of oil contamination in their bilge water. Our solution is the Bilge Licker Mini: capable of collecting up to 5 gallons* of oil per day, with a form factor that can fit into virtually any situation.

All Bilge Lickers are built with precision crafted aluminum & stainless steel components, and use a specialized tube system to attract and collect oil. Bilge Lickers are built to last, and are capable of enduring the most difficult of applications.

How it Works

The Bilge Licker works by taking advantage of a process called ‘capillary action’; this causes only the oil to adhere to the tubing being cycled through the bilge water, and up towards the wiping and collection area. The oil is then passed down through another tube directed towards a reservoir of choice, which may be located next to the unit, or pumped off to a remote waste oil tank.


  • Dimensions (Not including tube):
    6″(H) x 6″(W) x 8.5″(D)
  • Aluminum & Stainless Steel Construction
  • Operates on 12v DC
  • 2′ to 4′ Collection Tube Length (Made to Order)
  • Operates on a schedule managed by a Digital Timer

Integrated Oil Storage

The Bilge Licker Mini is designed for low oil collection situations, and as such is supplied with a container to mount directly on the unit. (A second container is provided to allow for a convenient swap-out when it is time to off-load collected oil.)

Automated Oil Collection Schedule

All Bilge Lickers operate on a schedule driven by a digital timer unit which is built-in to the power supply. These timer units may be mounted locally, near the Bilge Licker, or remotely using an extension cable. Length of the extension cable is made-to-order.

Warranty & Service

All Bilge Licker products come with a 3 Year Warranty covering parts and labor. Obtaining servicing or replacement for any of our products is as simple as entering a serial number into our Support Page, which will in-turn connect our customer with their registered dealer.

* 5 gallons of oil per day is an estimate based on a worst-case scenario. The pick-up rate of all Bilge Lickers is determined by the severity of the oil contamination; more oil in the bilge water will equate to greater pick-up rates.